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    By Jim Knapp

    Here you are.  Trying to keep up with the work, the paperwork, the customers, truck stock, ordering, scheduling, selling, accounting, cleaning, invoicing, dispatching, driving, loading, unloading.  Wouldn’t it be nice if you could simplify just one of those tasks?

    For keeping track of the parts that we use on the job and restocking our trucks most of us carry around a pocket notepad that we got for free at the wholesaler’s counter display.  In theory that’s a fine way to keep track of parts that are used and parts that are needed for the truck.  Just keep a list on the notepad and fill your order at the earliest convenience.  In reality what happens is that things get forgotten, pages get torn out, and notepads fall out of pockets unnoticed and forgotten.


    Well, it just so happens that we have an app for that! Often ignored and always underutilized, we’d like for you to try adopting our part tracking software.  PartCart automatically keeps track of parts as you fill in your work orders. At the end of a call you can review the parts that were used in the work order management system. You can also add parts and modify items.  When you are done doing that the parts get added to a master list that is available to the Coolfront administrator in your business for their review and for restocking.  Done, done and done.

    This is what’s required of the technician to begin using our part tracking software:

    At the bottom of each work order there is a tile that says Get your parts back.  Inside the sprocket is the number of parts that have been copied to PartCart from your work order.  


    If you click on the tile you will see a list of the parts from the current work order.

    From this screen in the work order management system, you can accept a part, modify a part or quantity, or add a part. In this example from a compressor replacement let’s say we want to replace the contractor, the driers and we want to add some brazing rod because  there isn't any left on the truck.


    When you click on the Yes you can enter a quantity and make any modifications that are needed.  When you save them you will see that they are added to the list of Parts you have requested.  If you want to add a part that isn’t on the list simply click on the Request Part button and fill in what you need.

    That’s it! Done.  


    Any of the parts that you don’t want or don’t need you can just leave alone...they won’t be added to your stock order.

    At this point the parts tracking list you made gets added to a master list in the work order management system that the administrator (office) can view. When they click on the PartCart icon in the Add-ons field they will see the list for the whole company.  The administrator can review the list. In Coolfront’s part tracking software, attached to each one of the parts is the work order number, the technician’s name, and even the truck number.


    After accepting or declining the parts, the Administrator can email the list; to the office for internal ordering, or to a wholesaler for restocking.


    That’s it.  

    Normally, this is the part where we tell you that for less than $1 a day you can give this work order management system a good meal and a place to sleep, but that’s not true…………it’s free! On the other hand we aren’t going to send you a tote bag or a tee shirt for adopting PartCart.




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