5 Reasons to Accept Credit Cards

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    By Phil Sennett


    There's no doubt about it! Credit cards are increasingly becoming Americans' payment method of choice.

    According to the 2008 Study of Consumer Payment Choices, 41% of shoppers say they have cut down on their use of cash and checks over the past two years.

    Even if you're a one man show, your sales are likely to increase if you start accepting the plastic. In fact, various studies claim accepting credit cards increases a business' sales by at least 30%, with some research claiming that sales can double.

    If you're a Coolfront user and haven't set up our latest Add-On ProPay yet, there are plenty of reasons why you should consider adding a mobile payment processing system (today!).

    1. Credit cards streamline your process

    Paying by credit card makes buying an item or a service easy, especially when you can just swipe in the field. Rather than calling the office, and making the customer wait. Customers will appreciate being able to complete transactions quickly and without any fuss with our mobile payment processing system. The simpler it is for someone to make a purchase, the more likely they will be to do so!

    2. Consumers like the flexibility of credit cards

    It's all about choice and flexibility. Whether or not they ultimately decide to pay by credit card, customers appreciate having the option. Some people use credit to manage their personal cash flow, spreading payments out over the course of several months. Others regularly use a particular card because it offers them some form of reward, such as air miles, gas points or cash back. These customers will be more likely to do business with you if you accept credit cards in the field.

     3. Credit card payments can increase your cash flow

    When someone pays by credit card, the funds usually flow directly into your bank account from ProPay within two to five days. Compared to waiting months on end for payment AND no more bad checks!

    4. Credit card payments can make your life simpler

    Similarly, when you use a mobile payment processing system, funds are deposited directly into your account, it removes the need for you to go to the bank, and all the other “fun” accounting stuff.

    5. Your competitors are probably doing it 

    Chances are most of your competitors already offer the option of paying by credit card. If people are given the choice of two businesses – and one has a mobile payment processing system– it could just be enough to sway them and turn them into a life long customer.

    So why take mobile payments? Because not accepting credit cards in the field could put you at a competitive disadvantage...

    What are you waiting for?



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