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    By Jason Thomas-Gould


    In this new series I will run a short one minute interview with employees or customers to gain a deeper insight into our business. Sit back and enjoy the show!

    Today I am talking to Jason Thomas-Gould, one of our top sales gurus. 


    Me: Out of all the customer calls you take what would you rank as the number 1 issue and how do you solve it?

    Jason: Customers have issues with setting pricing when switching to flat rate. To help resolve it's just talking to them about their business and overhead costs and making sure they are taking all of that into account when setting an hourly rate. 


    Me: Your favorite thing about working with Coolfront?

     Jason: The environment and my co workers.


    Me: How satisfied are Coolfront customers with the product when you speak to them every day?

    Jason: The customers love Coolfront. They like how easy it is to use and find it to be easily accessible when they pick it up. Also, easy to get other people in the office on board.


    Me: What’s one thing we could improve on from your customer calls?

    Jason: Customers would like for us to be able to assign work orders to more than one technician and be able to text customers when their tech is on the way.


    Me: If you weren’t doing your job in this company what other job would you be doing?

    Jason:  I would be possibly working for the government or a pro baller.


    Peanut Gallery Commentary.: Government ...maybe. Pro-Baller? Not in this life.


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