5 Great Reasons To Use Google Calendar For Your Dispatch Board

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    By Derek Richardson


    An important part of staying organized in the office is having an efficient way to schedule appointments. Most contractors prefer to see visits layed out in a dispatch calendar. This way it’s easy to tell which employees are busy or available, helping you quickly determine who and when you’ll be able to fulfill a customer’s requested service call. Google Calendar’s intuitive design makes it easy to view appointments by the day, week, month or schedule view. Here’s 5 great reasons I think you should consider Google Calendar as your dispatch board for your service business.

    1. Mobility Factor - Google Calendar goes with you wherever you go. Events are stored online, safely backed up, so you won’t have to worry about losing your appointments. No matter where you’re located, Google Calendar can be accessed from any device at any time. This includes iPhone and Android phones. Download the app here. 
    1. Color Coded Events - Having the option to designate color coded events will help indicate either the type of work or a specific employee assigned to a job. This way it’s easy to see who’s scheduled where and when or check on availability all from one simple view. 
    1. Easy Rescheduling - Drag and drop appointments to a different day or time. Whether waiting for parts or a customer calling back to reschedule, Google Calendar makes life easy by allowing you to simply drag and drop an event to a different day and/or time. 
    1. Seamless Interaction with Google Maps - Addresses on calendar events are hyperlinked to automatically populate the location inside Google Maps. This way, if you’re going to a brand new customer location, you can easily navigate and pull up directions without having to type out the address all over again. 
    1. Sharing Options - Appointments on your calendar can easily be shared with others. This way sharing a technician’s schedule is a breeze by using the settings and sharing options for your primary or sub-calendars provided by Google. Learn more about Sharing your calendar with someone.


    There are many other great features and benefits to using Google Calendar. Do you have any favorites not mentioned in this post? Please share with us in the comments below!

    Did you know Coolfront Mobile integrates with Google Calendar? It’s true! As soon as you create a work order in Coolfront, a calendar event will automatically be created on your Google Calendar account. See how you can save yourself a ton of grief here: [https://resources.coolfront.com/videos/google-calendar]


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