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By Derek Richardson

1319_edit-292x300.pngAre you or someone you know an educator in the service trade industry? Looking for advanced ways to engage with students on how to run a successful HVAC business can be a challenge. Coolfront Education is a HVAC training course that helps us give back to the industry. Coofront Education equips students with hands-on experience using a cutting edge, field service app used by thousands of full-time technicians and office administrators every day.

In one of our latest blog posts, we examined a recent report for roughly 115,000 Jobs To Fill in the HVAC industry alone by 2022. The service industry is shifting and both customers and technicians are increasing demand for mobile technology solutions. Coolfront offers a fully-managed flat rate pricing repair database students can learn in the classroom and use in the field to answer their customers’ #1 question, ‘how much?’ The web- based app is used by technicians, office staff and administrators alike. By creating digital invoices and activating integrations like QuickBooks and Google Calendar, businesses can eliminate paperwork and run themselves like a finely tuned machine. It’s tailored to help contractors price their service repairs at a consistent, profitable rate on every service call.

What is Coolfront Education?

The Coolfront Education HVAC business training program offers complimentary access of the flat rate pricing, mobile app to institutions that provide HVAC, Plumbing, and Electrical instruction and/or certification. The HVAC training course includes a course syllabus and incorporates three instructional modules;

  1. Introducing Coolfront Mobile - Explore the basics of the Coolfront Mobile app and learn the benefits of flat rate pricing.
  2. Business Soft Skills - Range of topics including professional presentation, managing customer expectations, handling objections and setting appropriate service rates (just to name a few).
  3. Exercises - A series of eight exercises allowing students to practice using the Coolfront App. Heating, cooling, plumbing and electrical examples are included.

As technology continues to develop students are gravitating more and more to visual training. The hands-on experience of using Coolfront Mobile in classrooms combined with some basic soft skills allows your students to bring practical knowledge immediately benefiting future employers as they enter an in-demand work force. Now that’s what I’d call being set up for success! So what are you waiting for!? Jump in and get started with Coolfront Education's business training course today!


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