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By Mike Katz


Long gone are the days of alphabetical phonebook listings helping drive calls to your business: Google (and the internet in general) buried them long ago, and if you’ve browsed our blog in the past, you’ve seen more than one post preaching the importance of a positive online presence. Now, one of Google’s latest ventures aims to revolutionize the way your business is found yet again. This time, through a change in their own search results, which will place more importance on your business’ rating and reviews than ever before.

This new search feature is “Google Home Services,” ads, and it’s already being tested in the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, and San Diego. Google Home Services allows homeowners to search for HVAC, Plumbing, and Electrical contractors in their area, but unlike before, gives the added ability to request a quote from as many as three of the contractors shown in the search results, directly from Google itself. There is an obvious added convenience for both the homeowner in search of services, and the contractor receiving leads directly from search results, but there are two major factors to keep in mind when advertising your HVAC, Plumbing, or Electrical business:

    1. Google Home Services is not free. Why? Because of course it isn’t! Google Home Services ads require your registration, and its function within Google search results replaces the current Pay Per Click ads (PPC) shown at the top of any Google search results. This means you’ll now pay for any potential customers who click your result within this section. It’s a more simplified version of the existing HVAC advertising ideas available with PPC and AdWords, and should make it easier for the average contractor to get noticed in results, but it may also be a downgrade for larger AdWords-Experienced companies.
    2. Your online presence now will affect your success with Google Home Services later. Because your potential customers will only have the ability to request a quote from a total of three contractors, they will be using the very limited information in front of them to choose who these contractors will be. The most prominent of this information? Your overall Google Rating - the out of 5 star rating shown as a composite of all Google reviews your business has received. If your rating is high and based on a variety of reviews, you’ll be more likely to be chosen than the HVAC, Plumbing, and Electrical businesses with a low rating or with few reviews.

Now, technology moves pretty fast, and like any new program or product there’s a chance Google could change or scrap Google Home Services ads depending on how their beta testing goes. The expansion of their testing to outside just the San Francisco Bay Area, however, is strong reason to believe Google Home Services ads will be the standard nationwide, and soon. To get ahead of the curve, and be one of the first involved in your area when it is live, you can visit here. All that will be left is increasing or improving your customer experience and web presence via positive reviews—something Coolfront Mobile and eTouch would be happy to help with! Check out more on reviews and eTouch here.

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