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By Mike Katz


GPS (Global Positioning System) Units are pretty cool. Did you know, at their core, they’re really nothing more than extremely accurate clock radios? It’s true! GPS works by comparing the time it takes radio waves traveling at the speed of light to relay between your device and satellites. With only a handful of data points, and some (fairly) simple geometry, your location is accurate within a matter of feet, anywhere in the world!

The ease and affordability of GPS technology over the last decade has placed highly functional units into most of our hands, yet many of us don’t take advantage of the benefits GPS tracking can bring our businesses.

Safety and Security:

Your vehicles, equipment, and most importantly, your employees, are valuable! GPS equipment tracking can do more than tell you where you are, it can also locate a vehicle in the event of theft or emergency. Ever have a company vehicle involved in a fender bender? Some services can provide reporting showing speed, direction, and other factors pertaining to your vehicle in the moments leading up to an accident, which can help alleviate some or all liability from you or your technician.


Knowing where techs are in the field at all times isn’t a priority for most, but knowing the closest available tech when a call comes in is a desire for all. Being able to quickly and correctly assign new work to the technician that can be there soonest, means more completed jobs each day, which means more revenue for your bottom line. While cutting down on unapplied time, you’ll reduce fuel costs and improve customer satisfaction. This is a simple benefit of GPS tracking that has nothing to do with your equipment.

Personnel & Time Management:

Do you have a policy against personal use of vehicles, side jobs, or moonlighting? All of these possible scenarios can be effectively managed or eliminated depending on your policy with the help of GPS equipment tracking. While personal use during any given work day may be minimal, this time and gas expense can really add up! As for side jobs and moonlighting, there are a number of ways these can negatively affect your business. Our President, Jim D’Amico, details these with recommendations in an earlier post, Second Jobs and Moonlighting - Why it Can Hurt & What to Do.

After experiencing first hand the presence of GPS equipment tracking companies at AHR in Las Vegas this past January, I think it’s likely more of a “when” than “if” GPS tracking services will be considered an essential piece of all contracting businesses. And even now, whether your fleet is just starting to grow beyond one truck, or counted by the dozen, GPS equipment tracking may be more beneficial, and even more affordable than you think.

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