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By Jim Knapp


Back when I was a technician and the Earth was young I had two Rubbermaid file bins in my van. They were filled with all the tech notes, installation instructions, HVAC service tools, and charts that I had accumulated. It was always a good day when a thermostat manufacturer mistakenly put two copies of the installation instructions in the box with a new thermostat! That meant that I could keep one copy for my cache of documents. Of course when I needed to look up something I would have to dig the Rubbermaid out from under the air filters. Then I would have to try to remember how my poorly organized filing system worked because all the file tabs had fallen off the files. Many times I gave up and tried finding the HVAC service website that might have what I needed (for which I had forgotten the password, of course). Finally, I would call the overworked and inexperienced counter people at the local distributor and wait 10 minutes on hold to be told that they didn’t know what I could possibly be asking for.

But, those days are over. If you haven’t looked at what’s available at the app stores lately, you’ll be amazed at the number and variety of apps for tradesmen that are available for HVAC, plumbing, and electrical. There’s everything from engineering data, old service bulletins, test preparation, wholesaler sites and manufacturer info. There’s even an app with over 400 thermostat service manuals in it!

Best of all, with these apps for tradesmen, you can turn your filing cabinet into a birdhouse, make extra room in your van and have all that information handy (and organized).

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