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By Nate Winans


Allow me to set the scene. I’m 23 and I’m looking to get a house in the next few years. When it’s time for that house to need service work, whether it's a broken water heater or furnace, I’m going to need someone I can call immediately. I’m going to “open” my smartphone and search for a company that can help me. I’m hoping to find a company that shows me what they offer eliminating the need to call or email requesting information. I hate wasting time, time that I could spend otherwise on my phone or playing sports. Getting results right away is a big plus for me along with my generation. So please, please, please make sure your website or social media account has the right info! If you have a website or social media account that’s not updated, please check out the previous blog I wrote on Welcoming a New Website.

Some of the most effective ways to reach your customers is through social media. Posting once or twice a day will reach more people than email. Plus you don’t have to spend countless hours finding everyone’s email address and copying and pasting the same message for all of them. Posting on Facebook is another great option—most of your customers use it already and it has a much bigger impact than email. Plus people who really like your service will share your post and like posts too. You can follow different accounts so that way if you share their post, they can share your post. The same goes for Twitter. Re-tweet someone, they re-tweet you. I might even go as far as having a YouTube channel that links to your Facebook account so you can talk for 3 minutes about what your company offers opposed to typing out long paragraphs and making it look pretty. A video can do wonders!

When it comes to millennials, we like things at our fingertips, we like answers immediately, we want it and we want it now! If you’re looking for some more social media tips, my colleague Anastasia has another blog on millennials and social media called, Social Media Tips from a Millennial. For a more statistical approach to your social media account, check out parature.com. Thanks and happy tweeting!

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