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By Joe Bonacci


There seems to be a lot of growing talk about Smart Home.  Not being an early adapter, I had some basic questions.  What is it and how does it work?  What does it control?  What is the advantage of the Smart Home?

Let's start with the basics, what is a Smart Home?  Simply put, it is a home that has network connected products through Wi-Fi, that controls things like lights, thermostats, security and entertainment, remotely.  Remotely through a smartphone or tablet or computer.  Sounds very Jetsons-ish.  While most people are keen on the idea, there is only a small percentage of homes in the US that has Smart Home.  Sounds like an opportunity.  

Remember back in the day when the burning questions were “Did I leave the iron on?  Did I shut off the coffee pot?  Did I forget to arm the alarm system?”  Those never need to be asked again.  With a Smart Home, not only can you check to see if you turned these things off, you can tell them when to turn on.  You can make sure your coffee is hot, fresh and waiting for you when you walk in the door.  So what other things can YOU control with Smart Home?  Thermostats, locks and lights.  Imagine, lock and unlock your doors to your house.  Let someone in (like a child), or keep someone out.  Running late to get home, turn the lights on.  Plugs, cameras, smoke alarms.  This is just the beginning.  The sky's the limit.

The point of a Smart Home? Convenience.  Remember when you didn’t think you needed a smartphone, how’d that turn out?  Everything in your home can be managed by a device or laptop.  Turn on or off lights and thermostat, saving money and energy, or how about closing the garage door that the kids left open?  Let’s face it, if it’s convenient, we want it and maybe even need it.  

I wasn’t sure exactly all Smart Home did or can do.  It’s pretty impressive.  So the question is, do you want to be on the inside or outside of the next technological revolution?    Our Coolfront VP has some ideas on How To Rock the Smart Home Revolution.  It will help you put a game plan together.  My game plan is turning my dumb home into a Smart Home.

Check out what TopReveal has to say on how to go about setting up a Smart Home so that it is smarter than you! You won't regret it.

Till then, Stay Cool.


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