Why Coffee is the Greatest - Part 2

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By Mary Brown


In Part One I had mentioned how I feel Costa Rican coffee is the greatest (a factoid my father does not agree with). However, there is a downside to loving foreign coffee… supply and demand.

So growing up, I was used to the sight of my parent’s Mr. Coffee and the sounds of the machine’s hiss and grumbles. It was a comforting sound that I’d wake up to, even though I was too young then to drink coffee. So naturally, when I went off to college and started my own adult routine, I also went the Mr. Coffee route. It was familiar and reminded me of home. But, it seemed like I was going through my coffee grounds too fast. It was just me and I only needed one cup. But if I decreased the amount of grounds, the coffee became too weak. I decided it wasn’t that big of a deal, and kept with it.

However, years later this became a serious issue for me when I discovered the Costa Rican coffee while traveling. I was only able to bring back a limited amount of coffee with me and I wanted it to last as long as possible. Sorry Mr. Coffee, but you were not going to cut it anymore. I did some research and found a simple device that allowed me to quickly brew up a single cup of delicious coffee using the least amount of grounds. Now I have an efficient system that allows me to enjoy my coffee.

How about you? Are you able to enjoy your coffee at work? If no, why not? Is work too hectic, too busy, too much paperwork flying all over the place? If you still have actual ‘paperwork’ piling up on your desk, then you may still be in Mr. Coffee mode. Take a bit of time to look into going digital. If you do, you can streamline your office and finally enjoy your well-deserved cup of coffee.

Oh, and when my coffee supply does run out? Well, I’ll either have to head back to Costa Rica for more, or, (and perhaps more economically) transition myself to another brand. And I’m sure my father has pointers for me on that (see Part One).

Stay tuned for the finale [Part Three] in which I analyze how making a cup of coffee for someone else can be a fear-inducing moment.

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