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By Paul Baccaro

Paul Baccaro Coolfront VP, Operations & Product Development

Woody Allen is often credited with saying, "Eighty percent of success is showing up."

There are various interpretations of that famous quote, but I think it means that just getting started is often the hardest part of any endeavor. Once you start, there’s a good chance you’ll see it through.

I’d like to apply that notion to add-on sales for your service department. Add-on sales can boost your revenue by upwards of $10k per tech, per year. A SmartFocus report found that cross-selling (offering additional products on a service call) at the time of “checkout,” could drive an increase of sales by 3%.

The average service ticket in Coolfront across all our users is $320. A 3% increase would mean an additional $9.60 per call. That doesn’t sound like much until you multiply that by the roughly 1000 service calls an average tech runs in a year. So:

Avg. serv ticket $320 x 3% x 1000 service calls = $9600

That’s a nice chunk.

Here’s the exciting part for you. On every service call, you have a  “checkout” moment where you can cross-sell. It truly is a special moment. Google refers to it as the Zero Moment of Truth, or ZMOT. The acronym is hideous, but the concept it solid. Google found that people are increasingly making buying decisions at the Zero Moment—the precise moment when they have a need, question or intent.

So the very best time to sell an add-on, is on the service call when your customer is thinking about their home and comfort. Their need will likely never be higher. Your job is to, according to google, “Be present in the moments that matter,” and that moment of the service call matters. A lot.

I can hear the “but...” in your head.

Common wisdom holds that techs don’t like to sell. Heck, some contractors have told me that their techs don’t even want to talk to customers at all. They just want to fix the system and leave. So selling add-ons won’t work.

That’s the exciting part. Your techs don’t need to sell. They just need to show the add-on advertising/promotion at the “checkout” moment. Just showing the ad gets you that 3% sales gain. It can be a flyer, brochure, digital ad on the tablet… anything that puts the product or service in front of your customer at that magic moment. On 100 service calls, 3 people will buy the add-on just from seeing the ad.

So all your techs need to do is show the ad!

Here comes a shameless plug. We recently rolled out a new feature in Coolfront Mobile called Moments. It does exactly what I’ve been talking about. When your customer taps on-screen to approve a repair, AKA the “check-out” moment, a full-color digital ad with a Buy Now button is displayed for an add-on product. Your techs don’t even need to show the ad, the Coolfront app does it automatically for them on every call. How awesome is that?

By the way, if you sell a product or service and would like to run an ad in Coolfront Moments you can go here for information.  

We think Coolfront Moments is an exciting addition to what is already an awesome mobile solution. We hope you’ll check it out and start earning more on your service calls.

I’ll end by slightly modifying Woody’s quote to fit our industry. “Eighty percent of success is just showing the ad.”


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