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By Judy Hull

Reviews are a great way to get the word out at a relatively low investment (sometimes even free) and also a great way to keep your technicians motivated. Speaking from a personal level, I love Yelp. I use Yelp for everything. I have over 300 reviews under my belt for restaurants, grocery stores, zoos, malls and HVAC. Yup, HVAC. Yelp isn’t just for dining! 18% of reviews are for dining and 12% are for local and home services. Also, over 90% of consumers look to online reviews prior to making a purchasing decision. I know I do!

Equally valuable are Google Reviews simply because your prospective customer will be able to see those reviews when they Google you. Hey, they are Googling anyway why not have those positive reviews right there for them to see? Typically Google reviews will show first followed by Yelp. The internet makes it so easy for folks to find recommendations so why not get in on the action. If you have great service and staff why not let the whole world know about it!

So right about now I can tell you are saying to yourself, this sounds great but how do I put this into play? You can always ask your customers to get onto Yelp and Google though they are unlikely to actually go there once the technician leaves the home. Enter Coolfront Mobile which makes harnessing those reviews and getting them posted simple!

One foolproof way to get that valuable review is with E-Touch from To Your Success. Here’s how it works: when a work order is completed or paid in Coolfront Mobile a request to complete a short survey is automatically sent to the customer. Just be sure the work order has a valid email associated with it. No extra effort on your techs at all. Plus it's a great way to incentivize your tech because the homeowner is evaluating the tech’s service, not just your company as a whole. You can even take it a step further with a monthly raffle for customers that actually complete the review process whether you choose to use Coolfront with the E-Touch integration or not.

No matter how you choose to price your customers: flat rate, time and materials, or magic wand don’t underestimate the power of the review. A few positive reviews can land you that new customer for life which is priceless.

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