What Does Zero Cost Really Mean?

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    By Tom Talbot

    1Coolfront Mobile’s Zero Cost App is Money in the Bank

    So Coolfront Mobile is billed as a zero-cost field service app? Come on—we all know there’s no free lunch. You’re right—it’s not free. In this case you get the soup and salad, drink and dessert! And at the end of the meal your service department should run much more smoothly and generate piles of profit. How can that be? Take a look.

    Let’s say Jeff, one of your technicians, is out on a call. He diagnoses the problem and searches for the repair on the Coolfront Mobile HVAC Service App. He locates the repair in our HUGE parts and repairs database and the cost is $394.35. Coolfront then adds $1.73 which is added into the work order price which is then presented to the customer as $396.08 The net cost for that work order is zero.

    So it doesn’t matter how many work orders you purchase from Coolfront. At the end of the day the cost to you is nothing. But wait, there’s more! (This is starting to sound like a late-night infomercial for Slap Chop.) But there really is more to the zero-cost story.

    Runs on any Device: You already own the tools needed because Coolfront Mobile field service app works on your smartphone, tablet or computer—almost any device. You don’t have to buy a thing!

    It’s Cloud-Based: You won’t need a dedicated server, or an IT pro for setup and support. The cloud is a beautiful thing. And it’s secure.

    Works Offline: Your workers can still use the HVAC service app when they are offline and then connect later on! So that means you don’t need a data plan to use Coolfront in the field.

    Forget the Fees: No setup fees, device fees, subscription fees or cancellation fees.

    That’s it in a nutshell. Coolfront Mobile really is your zero-cost solution. Hard to believe that a field service app so robust and convenient can pay for itself. If you want an efficient system and greater profits give our HVAC service app a try. We’ll even start you out with 50 trial work orders on the house.



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