The Value of Brand Consistency

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    By Tom Talbot


    To witness the power of branding look no further than the grocery aisle. When you stop in the store for your weekly shopping trip do you buy Coca-Cola, or the generic beverages? How about cookies? Do you go with the Oreos or the store brand? If you are like most people—brand matters, and you consistently relate a product’s logo, commercials and message with a certain personality or identity. Without brand consistency, customers become confused.

    In today’s digital world, brand consistency is even more complicated than it used to be. Now you have to make sure that your social media presence is an extension of your brand and follows right along with your message. A lot to think about, right?

    Let’s take a look at 5 key attributes of brand and how consistency plays the leading role..

    People Like Dependable

    Whether it's a personal relationship, a restaurant or a product, dependability goes a long way. If you can count on someone or something when you need it we attach value to it. We become invested. When I see the Nike swoosh—I think quality and I'm more likely to buy their sneakers.

    Consistency Counts

    Suppose you meet a potential new client. The first time you meet "Janet" she's quiet and reserved and wearing a business suit. The second time you meet Janet is wearing jeans and a sweatshirt and comes across as loud and abrasive. When someone acts differently every time you meet with them, it's confusing. It's the same way with a brand. When we know what to expect we are more likely to be comfortable with the product or service, and much more likely to purchase.

    BrandingInconsistency Costs

    If your company is inconsistent with their marketing strategies, constantly changing the look and feel of your brand, you are throwing money out the window. It costs money every time you deviate from your brand in both the cost of new marketing materials and employee training.

    Stronger Brands Rule

    The longer you develop a strong brand, the more comfortable customers become with it. This makes it tougher for other companies to take away your market share because you are already recognized as a frontrunner.

    Product Launches Become Easier

    If your brand is established then it is much easier to add new products or services to your menu. As long as you continue to build on the established guidelines, the brand becomes stronger and more recognizable.



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