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By The Coolfront Content Team

It’s been a great year for all of us at Coolfront, and we’re already chomping at the bit for what's to come in 2016. As we plan for a new exciting year, we thought we’d highlight some of our best blog posts of 2015.

In no particular order, below are our Top 5 blog posts from 2015. If we missed one of your favorites, feel free to remind us of it in the comments section below the blog post.

Otherwise, we hope you enjoy a walk down memory lane:


"Let’s Talk About Time & Managing Customer’s Expectations"
by Jim Knapp, Coolfront Trade Specialist.


I really started thinking about time expectations recently while watching a re-run of Seinfeld entitled “The Cadillac”. What got me going was a small story line in the episode that involved Kramer and the Plaza Cable repairman named, Nick Stevens. It seems that 10 years previously Kramer had made an appointment for repairs between 9:00am and 1:00pm which got stretched out to 12:00pm to 6:00pm, and eventually got canceled. “And they never even called me!” Kramer yelps while he’s telling his story. The funny comes in when Kramer goes through all sorts of goofy antics to get even with the cable guy for this long ago injustice.

What got me thinking about this story line is that it’s very familiar. We’ve all been on one side or the other of similar situations….and hated it.

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How To Answer The No. 1 Question Your Customers Ask [Infographic]
By Paul Baccaro VP, Operations & Product Development

You know it’s coming. You can’t run or hide from it. It’s unavoidable. On every service call you run, the one question your customers will ask (say it with me)…

Paul Baccaro Coolfront VP, Operations & Product Development

“How much?”

How do you respond to that question?

Before you answer that, be aware pricing is a complex stimulus. It brings out emotions in your customers. Through brainscans some studies show that price and emotion are deeply intertwined.

Your customers react to price based on many factors such as:

  • Their current financial situation
  • The economy & local market
  • Their past experiences
  • Their expectations on quality of work
  • Their idea of value
  • Price anchors (see my previous blog post on Price Anchoring)

And the list goes on…

You won’t know which factors influence a given customer on price. So to combat the unknown, I suggest you create a process to answer the “How Much?” question in a way that is best received by most customers.

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Having Trouble Finding & Keeping Your Service Professionals?

One of the most common statements in the service trades after “Have you made any money this year” is, “I can’t find qualified help”. The trouble is, we are all in the same leaking boat. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects we will have a shortage of qualified field staff for the foreseeable future. Ok, but what can we do today?

There are qualified and experienced professional trade personnel to be had. If they are good, they are currently working for your competition. You need to provide the incentive attractive enough for them to come work for you.

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Keep Work Orders Organized With Coolfront Filters
By Anastasia Harold, Western Affiliate Manager

One of the most common questions we get here at Coolfront is “How do I find a specific work order (or work orders)?” Or, “how can I view only my unpaid work orders?”

It’s super easy!

Did you know you can choose to view only “New” tickets? Or tickets assigned to Bill? Or tickets in a certain zip code? How about only New tickets assigned to Bill in a certain zipcode?


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Coolfront Frequently Asked Questions [Infographic]
By Derek Richardson, Sales & Support Consultant

Coolfront Mobile by nature is a straight-forward product, believe it or not, there are a few questions we hear every once in a while.

We’ve taken some time to answer these questions. So, take a gander!

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So there you have it ladies and gentlemen

We hope you've enjoyed all the posts we've published this year. Thanks for following along - and here's to a new year!

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