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By Kate Burt

Kate Burt, Coolfront Marketing & Communications Specialist

While it may not be a surprise how HVAC service agreements help your customers’ equipment perform better, it might come as a surprise how service agreements help your company perform better on a few fronts.

We’ve previously wrote about how an agreement program means customer loyalty.

But what about employee loyalty? One of the biggest business issues contractors face is finding and keeping good technicians. It’s easy for a tech to jump ship when business is slow. That leaves your office short handed, your admin stressed out, and your work quality compromised.

Not to mention the headaches of recruiting new techs, training them, and still managing to run your business the best you can.

It’s time to spread out your business! Just because seasonality affects service calls, doesn’t mean you can’t keep busy on off times. An HVAC service agreement program keeps your business steady throughout the year and, better yet, your techs consistently engaged and busy. These service business management tips will help keep your techs busy year-round.

Pay up! More agreement sales means more commissions for your techs. Be sure to offer the commission as an incentive to sell, and payout soon after the sale is made so techs are reminded of their good work. A little extra cash could be a strong selling point when recruiting techs.

Keep em’ busy. Are service calls slowing down? You know the peaks and valleys your business faces each year. Fill the valleys with tune-up calls so your techs aren’t looking for work elsewhere.

Provide the ammo. The ammo to sell, that is. Techs aren’t salespeople and don’t want to be. Train them on your HVAC service agreement program so they’re comfortable, and be sure to equip them with the marketing and selling materials they need to be successful. A few leave-behind flyers and service agreement brochures are great so both your tech and customer know the details of a service agreement.

Process, process, process. Want to know what’s worse than not having a service agreement program? Having a HVAC service agreement program with no process. Pure chaos. It’s never too late to start a service agreement system, just be sure to put some thought into your service business management program. Provide ample training to your staff and techs, marketing materials to promote your service agreements, and an efficient way to schedule the calls. Whether your track your calls with your own tools or use a program like Coolfront Agreements, it’s important to spread out calls as much as possible so no one is burned out or bored.

 Easily track and market your service agreements

Coolfront Agreements is a service business management system that displays peaks and valleys in workload and will smooth out your maintenance visit schedule, which means techs will have consistent work throughout the year. Plus, you can equip your techs with customized marketing materials to confidently present and sell service agreements.

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